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Nytänk – to think new

How would you like the future of Norrbotten to be like? Is there something that you would like to be different from how it is today? Of course there are things that could be better you might think – but who should make it better?

Politicians often talk about the youth; their participation and their ideas for the future of Norrbotten. The youth talk about  “someone else” that’s going to fix what we’re not satisfied with. Nytänk wants to make it possible to talk with each other and get things done!

What is Nytänk?

Nytänk is a  run by and with young people in Norrbotten, financed by the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs 

The project wants to take advantage of the initiative, commited and innovative young people in Norrbotten and make new contacts between young people in the district, municipality and county. Together we can make a difference in our own life situation and also participate in forming the county’s future.

Who is Nytänk for?

Nytänk is aimed at all young people in Norrbotten between 12 and 25 years old, no matter what idea the person might have. Nytänk wants to inspire people to take the step from having an idea to actually doing something with the idea.

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